New online resource connects Idahoans to resources and help

IDAHO – While there are dozens of resources to help Idahoans in need, finding the right service can be difficult.

Now seeks to change that.

Find Help Idaho is the first website of its kind in the Gem State. The platform, launched this week, is packed with resources for free and low-cost services like housing assistance and employment opportunities.

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After plugging in a zip code, Find Help Idaho displays a list of approved resources in the area. The website is a collaborative initiative led by community organizations, the Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE), and United Way of Treasure Valley.

IHDE’s Prudence Vincent said the goal of Find Help Idaho is to address all aspects of care — physical, social, and economic.

“You have physical needs that you need to meet to be well, but you may also have social factors that come into play,” she said. “The example I always use is diabetes. It can be a physical health issue, but it’s often driven by access to healthy food, housing, and transportation. To take care of your physical health, you must meet social needs.”

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Finding Help Idaho has resources listed for all 278 ZIP Codes. It also provides regional, state and national services.

“Find Help Idaho is for everyone,” said Anne Wolverton, community resource connector for United Way of Treasure Valley. “If you are food insecure, you can go to the site. If you are looking for transport, you can go to the site. There are also services there if someone is looking for a education… All of these resources are available on Find Help Idaho.” is a free service. The site complies with HIPPA and FERPA regulations by allowing anonymity. The platform is also available via a mobile application.

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