New parenting resources from Fred Rogers Productions and ‘Daniel Tiger’ (and our survey results!)

For the past 10 years, “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” has provided encouragement and learning to preschoolers, helping them learn valuable life skills. Now, with the addition of new videos created through a grant-funded partnership between Fred Rogers Productions, the Bezos Family Foundation and learning website Vroom, the show will also begin offering skill-building for parents.

As part of the two-year project, Fred Rogers Productions will curate a collection of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” music videos to show adults how they can make every moment an empowering moment for their children.

Vroom will also sponsor 15-second promotional videos that will close each aired episode of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” and will air before streaming episodes. These videos will offer “science-based tips and tools for successful parenting” by showing how shared daily activities – things like mealtimes, bathtimes and bedtimes – can be meaningful opportunities to help children to learn and grow.

Another goal of these brief segments is to introduce parents to Vroom, which offers parents and caregivers a range of science-based tips and activities behind early brain development.

“We have a wonderful partner in Vroom, who, like Fred Rogers Productions, is dedicated to supporting families and ensuring a bright future for young children,” said Paul Siefken, President and CEO of Fred Rogers Productions. “We are delighted to expand our collaboration and to continue this important work together.”

“Daniel Tiger” just celebrated its 10th anniversary on PBS, and the show’s fifth season kicked off this week. Given the series’ popularity with our readers’ children, we recently asked Kidsburgh audiences to tell us which episodes were their favorites.

Again, it was about building skills: several parents said they enjoyed the “Go Potty Go” episode about using the bathroom before leaving home.

Others mentioned “Daniel visits school”, episodes on safety precautions (including playing Jungle Beach), Daniel accepting his little sister, the episode “Good morning, good night” and the updated version from Daniel on the classic Fred Rogers question “What do you do with the crazy you feel?” — that help all preschoolers learn new skills and meet new challenges.

Another favorite: “Daniel Tiger’s Birthday,” where things don’t go so well but Daniel’s mom teaches him, “When something looks bad, turn it around and find something good.”

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