“Nobody on my team told me”

A woman has shared one of her craziest work moments. Now people are sharing theirs.

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We’ve all had mortifying moments at work. Some of us have had Freudian slips at the wrong time during a presentation or got caught up in office gossip. But for the TikToker @evening toast, technology was its Achilles’ heel. After spacing herself out once during a meeting, she forgot to turn off her screen sharing feature.

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“At my first corporate job, I self-exclusively screen-shared and slowly scrolled through Brittany Murphy’s ENTIRE Wikipedia page, and no one on my team told me before the meeting,” she explained in the video. legend.

“TBH, that’s not even my most embarrassing work story,” she added in the comment section.

The hilarious admission prompted TikTokers to share their own concrete examples of similar work errors.

“Once I needed to import a command file into our Sales server, and I accidentally downloaded a GIF from Kris Jenner that I had on my desk instead”, a user mentioned.

“OH MY GOD. I did the same but I was deep into Michael Jackson still being alive conspiracy theories,” another wrote.

“My engineer once started looking for SpongeBob SquarePants video clips on YouTube while he was still sharing the screen in front of our client, and it was sweet,” someone said. commented.

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