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ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Belmont County Auditor Cindi Henry encourages all Belmont County taxpayers to take the opportunity to visit the County Auditor’s website regarding their individual tax bills.

The website is

Taxpayers may have noticed that their tax bills sent by the Belmont County Treasurer now reflect a colorful pie chart with a breakdown of which public entities benefit from your tax dollars.

This new look is the result of newly installed software in the real estate auditor’s office.

With the new software, the website also reflects a basic breakdown of where taxes are distributed, it also lists the actual breakdown of dollar amounts and the government agencies receiving those dollars for operational purposes. Users can click on Levy Distribution. It is strongly suggested that everyone visit this site.

In addition, several adjustments can be made to taxes for those who qualify. Taxpayers are advised to check and see if they are receiving the Owner Occupancy Credit and Homestead Credit, as well as the CAUV.

Feel free to call the real estate office for more information at 740-699-2132.

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