Online fashion browsing increases but purchases fall as UK shoppers remain ‘cautious’

Browsing in digital fashion increased, but purchases fell year-over-year in September 2022, as “increased consumer caution” once again pointed to rising costs of living.

According to the latest data from True Fit’s Fashion Genome, which looked at information from 80 million active shoppers and 17,000 brands, visits to fashion sites were up 14% year-on-year in September, but online shopping fell -8%, although they recovered to -2% YoY in the first half of October.

True Fit’s Managing Director, Sarah Curran, said, “As shoppers become more cautious, their consideration phase for buying is lengthening. And that’s why we’re seeing a trend of heavy browsing as consumers seek out the best deals or take longer to validate their decision before committing to a purchase, leading to increased traffic.

“This sustained growth in online browsing indicates that the demand is still there, but with longer discovery and consideration phases, there is an even greater focus on retailers and brands to ensure consumers are Accompanied throughout their buying journey with rich, relevant and meaningful customers Engagement from first glance to checkout.

Another key finding in True Fit data showed that while the number of orders was down from 2021 levels, shoppers are spending more when they convert, with average order values ​​(AOV) up by 2% in September – rising to +6% in October as Christmas approaches, highlighting quality over quantity and a more thoughtful overall buying trend.

A separate study by Sensormatic Solutions of 2,000 shoppers showed that 81% of UK consumers had already started their Christmas shopping, with a third (31%) already starting in September and half (50%) starting in October, it could therefore be an early Christmas. nurture successful brands and retailers.

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