PolySwarm Launches Token Rewards for Internet Browsing

NectarNet browser plugin rewards browsing with PolySwarm’s Nectar Token (NCT)

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#blockchainPolySwarm, a cybersecurity vendor using blockchain technology to collect threat intelligence for enterprise customers such as Microsoft, Verizon and eBay, today announced the launch of a browser plug-in from malware intelligence collection, the first of its kind. The plug-in rewards individuals for the data they provide by simply browsing the Internet. The new offer invites individuals to install the “NectarNet” browser plugin to start earning the Nectar Token (NCT) from PolySwarm. NectarNet securely shares data with PolySwarm, creating a collective defense across the world against malware.

“At PolySwarm, we believe it’s time to reward individuals for the data they generate simply by browsing the internet,” said Steve Bassi, CEO of PolySwarm. “Through the launch of our new NectarNet browser plugin, we are achieving this goal and strengthening internet security by providing tangible monetary value in the form of NCT tokens to everyday internet users and real-time threat intelligence. to our corporate clients.

The market is powered by PolySwarm’s token, Nectar (NCT), which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The NCT token is available in the United States and listed on Coinbase. The browser plug-in deposits NCT tokens into the user’s NectarNet wallet as they browse the Internet, passively sending URL and domain data to the PolySwarm threat marketplace for analysis by engines from leading cybersecurity vendors such as CrowdStrike and SentinelOne. The amount of NCT rewards is based on the daily pool of $NCT in the market and the relevance of the data provided by the user.

“As a beta tester of NectarNet, we added the NectarNet extension about a month ago, we had a very good experience with PolySwarm. We get rewards in NCT tokens every day our users work with their computers, and it requires no maintenance once configured,” said NectarNet beta user and fintech chief executive Andrew Nifield. “PolySwarm has taken an incredible step in unifying a historically fragmented threat intelligence industry, democratizing cybersecurity by directly rewarding users for their data.”

Go here to join the NectarNet rewards program: NectarNet

About PolySwarm:

PolySwarm is a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity marketplace that helps organizations combat emerging threats by amplifying and delivering actionable malware insights with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

PolySwarm leverages blockchain technology to reward everyday internet users with NCT tokens for browsing the internet. The plugin securely shares data with PolySwarm, creating a collective defense across the globe to fight malware.

The PolySwarm Marketplace has an extensive global network of expert malware researchers who receive rewards for their ideas via PolySwarm’s Nectar Token (NCT). With more comprehensive data, PolySwarm elevates and scores the most critical and timely intelligence, empowering organizations to reduce “noise” and allowing them to prioritize, focus and scale their cybersecurity efforts. For more information, visit https://polyswarm.io.


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