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Plymouth factory produces quality protective packaging and customer service

Screenwriter / Angela Cornell
Photographer Adam Calhoun

Pregis is a name that few people know. Nevertheless, their products can be found in almost every home in Michiana. Anyone who has ordered something online, purchased food ingredients or meal kits, or even bubble wrap or foam wrap at some big box stores in our area, has used Pregis protective wraps. TheIt is also very likely that it was made in the Plymouth factory.

Anything you can think of as protective packaging – the scale goes from wadded brown paper to bubble wrap – really anything you can think of, we’ve created it,” says Ellie Meyers-Lloyd, Human Resources Generalist at Pregis.

Pregis products are made from plastic resin pellets that are melted down and formed into protective packaging that is then used for everything from food shipments to car bumpers.

Literally any app you can think of. We make bags of all sizes from two inches up to 64 inches,” says plant manager Danny Dean. You name it, were in almost every industry.

There are 14 factories in Pregisnetwork. However, three things set the Plymouth location apart. One is its size – it’s the largest factory in the network and has the ability to make any of the products available through Pregis.

The Plymouth Pregis also houses the customer service and sample department.

The sample department contains all of the products we manufacture in what we call the protective packaging division,” Dean explains. Thisdoes not exist anywhere else in the network.

Some of PregisThe most popular products are air cushion packaging, such as bubble wrap, air cushions, etc. as well as PE foam sheets, such as rolls and foam bags. These come in a variety of densities and colors, depending on the needs of their customers. Most of these customers are distributors.

We manufacture the product, we send it to the distributor or to a manufacturer,” explains Dean.


It’s not because Pregis works with plasticsthat doesn’t mean they don’tt have sustainable business practices.

Sixty-five percent of all the products we use, which we make in Plymouth, are made from recycled materials,” says Dean.

Approximately 200,000 pounds of plastic waste from the factory is regranulated and recycled into new Pregis materials each week.

The majority of the material we recover comes directly from the process that we feed back into it,” adds Dean. Our options are to either scrap it and send it to the landfill or collect it and put it straight back into the process, which we do.

About 240 people work at Pregis, and the company is still accepting applications. Their core values ​​are integrity, customer focus, collaboration and innovation. They are one of the highest paying employers in Plymouth and are known for their employer-employee loyalty, which is the pride of the local factory administration.

We have more people working in our facility who are over the age of five than under,” Dean says. People come here and they stay here.

Loyalty is a trait that extends to all levels of administration and the CEO himself holds his managers accountable.

He never crosses the front door. He always goes through the back door. And he always asks the same question: What has management done for you lately?Hehe’s a great guy. HeIt’s why I came here and why I love recruiting my management team. ThisIt’s a great place to work,” says Dean.


For Dean and Lloyd, people at all levels make Pregis a fantastic place to work.

“We strive to emphasize difference and treat our employees differently by not doing the normal, fancy little things,” says Lloyd. This includes lavish annual Christmas parties, sending bereavement gifts to employees when they lose a close family member, and more.

These aren’t really the typical, normal, everyday things that employers do, are they? But we’re trying really hard. ThisIt’s just one more way to show that we appreciate them,” Lloyd says.

To find out more about Pregis or to apply, check them out online at or visit them at 1411 Pidco Dr. in Plymouth.

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