Privacy Network Beldex launches BelNet dVPN for anonymous browsing

BelNet is the second DApp of the Beldex project which is building an ecosystem of privacy-preserving Web 3.0 applications. The Layer 1 blockchain network builds a suite of privacy-preserving applications.

The third DApp built by the project, BelNet, launched on September 28, 2022 on PlayStore, Time without bank learned from an exclusive press release.

BetNet does not store IP data or location

BelNet is a decentralized VPN service similar to corporate and enterprise VPNs with one key difference. BelNet does not store information about the user’s IP address or location on centralized servers.

Total confidentiality and anonymity

Instead, it relies on the decentralized nodes of the Beldex network to route incoming requests to their respective destination using a custom-developed onion routing protocol. Thus, Beldex offers complete end-to-end privacy and anonymity.

BelNet hides your IP address, your physical location and your identity. It is also highly resistant to sybil attacks as the Beldex network is currently supported by over 1000 active and distributed masternodes which carry user traffic.

Beldex Chairman, Mr. Afanddy Bin Hushni, an experienced finance and investment professional, said:

Censorship resistant

BelNet resists censorship and promotes a free and fair Internet for everyone, regardless of their geographical location. This is of paramount importance to advancing freedom of expression and unbiased information.

BelNet will be particularly useful to those who need it most: journalists, refugees, ethnic minorities and marginalized communities, people residing in autocratic regimes, etc. It promotes digital technology and human rights everywhere.

Of course, BelNet, like any other VPN, can also be used to surf the Internet privately, unblock websites or make an anonymous donation. BelNet is, in other words, a community-run internet.

Creation of private domain names

BelNet, in addition to functioning as a peer-to-peer VPN, offers an unstoppable decentralized name service called the Beldex Namer Service (BNS) which has the TLD.bdx. Users can create their own private, unstoppable domain names like yourname.bdx.

BNS is unique and corresponds to your BelNet address which can be used to host unstoppable web applications, the MNApps.

Restoring freedom online

The Internet Freedom Index has been declining globally since 2019 in several countries, particularly in Asia and Africa.

Only a handful of countries in the world are considered free by Freedom House, a US-based nonprofit that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, digital and human rights, and political freedom.

Codeman Crypto, the CTO of Beldex, said:

Low latency protocol supports high speeds

The Beldex team also has plans for the future of BelNet. Today’s VPNs and dVPNs are characterized by slow speeds that discourage users from using them. BelNet inherently uses a low latency onion routing protocol that supports faster than normal speeds.

In the future, users could connect with exit node operators and could access servers that support higher bandwidth for a fee taken from BDX.

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