Pro-Iranian militias “seize Kurdish oil resources”

BAGHDAD: Pro-Iranian militias have seized half of Iraq’s oil resources, at a time when disputes rage between Baghdad and Erbil over the management of oil and gas in the Kurdistan region, Iraqi parliamentary sources said .

They point out that corruption in the oil sector in Iraq has reached dangerous proportions, while successive central governments have been unable to stop this haemorrhage due to the influence of militias and the game of consensus which ultimately leads to turn a blind eye to a series of squanderings and lootings of Iraq’s wealth.

Iran-sponsored militias have, since 2014, managed to build an intricate economic network that feeds, in large part, on Iraqi oil.

These militias own oil fields in Sunni-majority areas such as Alas, Qayyarah and Najma, taking advantage of the transport, logistics and shipping companies they control in the southern Basra governorate to smuggle smuggled oil stolen from these fields.

The First Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi House of Representatives, Hakim Al Zamili, has confirmed that the smuggling of oil derivatives represents half of the real export of Iraqi oil, indicating that it goes to the mafias and the parties of the oil companies international.

“It means wasting very large financial fortunes, which go to the mafias, and to specialized influential parties who have contracted international oil companies to install contraband equipment,” he noted.

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