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The Deeper Connect Mini VPN decentralized and firewall hardware provides reliable and secure network connectivity around the world.

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There are plenty of great VPN solutions out there, and given the scale of cybercrime these days, it just makes sense to use one. But most VPNs have some drawbacks. You have to pay high subscription fees, they slow down your browsing and they disconnect easily among a number of other pitfalls. Wouldn’t you like a VPN that just works?

The answer may not be digital, it’s hardware. The Deeper Connect Decentralized Mini VPN and Firewall Hardware is a portable cybersecurity solution that goes beyond a VPN for a one-time payment.

As the world’s first decentralized VPN (DPN) and cybersecurity hardware device, the Deeper Connect Mini integrates a seven-layer enterprise-grade firewall and powerful DPN to provide unparalleled security to all your IoT devices. The DPN offers multi-routing, intelligent routing, and unrestricted access to content worldwide without sacrificing browsing speeds or putting your connection on a centralized server. This way you have ultimate control over your own encrypted data.

Along with the full suite of enterprise-grade security features, the Deeper Connect Mini is also synonymous with convenience. It is an inexpensive solution that provides a stable network for your browsing. It blocks ads (even YouTube ads) to streamline your browsing experience and even offers one-click parental controls to protect your kids from dangerous web content. Additionally, Deeper’s blockchain ecosystem allows you to earn real money by sharing your idle bandwidth.

Get a cybersecurity solution that fits in your pocket and delivers enterprise-grade security. Right now you can get the Deeper Connect Decentralized Mini VPN and Firewall Hardware for $349.

Pricing and availability are subject to change.

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