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Clover, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Clover, South Carolina —

Proven Training Solutions, a South Carolina-based company that has successfully delivered executive and employee training since 1987, has now successfully integrated and offers its training programs virtually online for new clients and customers. current. They offer different types of training programs, such as: sensitivity training; training of human resources; change management training; project management training; customer service training; management internship; performance management training; and management of offsite and remote employees.

They are keen to point out that their approach to sensitivity training for managers is quite different from that of other training providers. Rather than simply providing a law-focused discrimination prevention course, they actually identify and address the causes of harassing, callous and disrespectful behavior. Their philosophy is that the vast majority of people don’t come to work intending to be disrespectful, insensitive, or harassing. In some cases, the work environment has become too comfortable or laid back so that the distinction between personal and professional has become blurred so that some people may say something they shouldn’t have say. Thus, they work with learners to enable them to become aware of their communication and behavioral styles and to better understand how their actions or words may be perceived or misunderstood by others.

Meanwhile, in their management training courses, they focus on various aspects of management. These include: management skills for supervisors; effectively manage a multi-generational workforce; conflict management techniques for managers; leadership skills for managers; leading with emotional intelligence; effective delegation skills; and management skills for technical professionals. More information on this can be gleaned from

Supervisors must be trained in management skills because newly promoted supervisors, while professionally trained, have not actually received management training. This is also important because new supervisors will need to earn the trust and respect of their subordinates. They will also need to be more confident and assertive when dealing with performance issues, and they need to be more effective when coaching and advising employees. Unfortunately, most management training doesn’t take into account a multi-generational workforce.

Managers will also need to be trained in how to effectively manage a multigenerational workforce, as differences in generational work ethics can lead to disagreements and conflict. It’s important to note that what motivates one generation doesn’t actually work with other generations, and communication styles will differ from generation to generation.

Managers will also need to learn conflict management techniques, as new supervisors tend to put off discussing and addressing issues because they lack management training. Unfortunately, infighting and backbiting within a department can affect performance and quality. And people tend to reject new paths and directions, which makes it more difficult for new managers and executives to work.

And managers and supervisors will also need management training. This is important because often they are not assertive enough when dealing with employee issues. Managers tend to overdo it individually and fail to delegate responsibility. And managers often feel inadequate and ineffective in motivating and directing their employees.

Proven Training Solutions also offers human resource training programs that focus on various aspects of human resource management. These include: successful behavioral interviews; interviewing and hiring top performers; developing and delivering high-impact training; manager’s guide to labor law; run more effective meetings; improve communication and teamwork; assertive skills training; presentation skills with power and impact; effective business writing; take charge of your career; and how to manage and control stress. More information on this can be gleaned from

Proven Training Solutions is a comprehensive onsite and webinar training company with 30 years of experience designing and delivering over 3,000 successful training assignments in all 50 US states, as well as the UK, UK. Ireland and Canada. Their Common Sense strategy has made them a leader in the United States for sensitivity training, anti-bullying and harassment prevention. They have been successfully providing training in management and employment since 1987.

Those interested in learning more about the executive and employee training programs offered by Proven Training Solutions can visit their website or contact them by phone or email.


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