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Lebanons Chase Wright shines brightly in the country music world

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Like many artists, country musician Chase Wright began his career with a somewhat humble beginning.

My dad surprised me with a $20 garage sale guitar that was kind of broken,” says Wright. He was like, YouI mentioned you want to start learning the guitar, so here’sthat’s it. If you learn it then weI’ll find you a better one.

Now making a career out of Nashville, Tennessee, Wright released her debut album “Intertwined” in 2021, to great success. Recently named a Spotify Hot Country Artist to Watch” for 2022, the Lebanon native is set to perform at CMA Fest in Nashville in June alongside some of the biggest names in country music.

A graduate of Lebanon High School, Wright credits both his parents with introducing him to music at a young age.

My mom went to school for music education, so she always wanted me to be in a band and stuff like that,” Wright says. I think I get a lot of my musical influences, though, from my dad. I have fond memories growing up of him showing me videos of Keith Urban playing live, and those 10-minute guitar solos hed rip on.

After graduating from high school, Wright moved on to DePauw University, where he studied economics. He soon realized that a sedentary office lifestyle wast for him.

I went to college for economics, so corporate life was always on the move,” says Wright. Then when I got there, I thought to myself, I can’t do this – thisjust isn’t for me. I feel like I have so much untapped potential.

With that in mind, Wright began putting more energy into the music, building an online fan base by posting videos of himself performing.

WrightI started doing research on social media marketing and different things like that,” says Wright. I was trying to figure out how to get my music off the ground without the heavy overhead of physical travel. I just started learning how to post effectively and I was posting all the time. I was really getting into this.

WrightHis hard work paid off quickly after his current manager, Rob Filhart, came across one of the videos hed posted.

He hit me and at first I thought it was kind of fake,” Wright says. I had heard all these horror stories about people being exploited in music, so I dismissed them. He followed me again, then a third time. Then I was like, OK, this guy is pretty persistent.I held out my hand, we started talking and he sounded legit.

Filhart was indeed legit and has since helped Wright take his music career to the next level.

There was obviously a lot to learn – just going through the learning stages of the industry, taking it day by day, and going through all the hardships that come with being a new artist,” says Wright. . But my team is on top. I couldn’t imagine a better team and that’s really what makes the difference.

In addition to his team’s dedication, Wright is also grateful for the support his family has given him over the years.

I certainly wouldn’t be able to do what II do without them and their unwavering support on this journey,” Wright says of his family. Making music is not easy. Having your parents and family as your biggest fans from day one really, really helps.

Released last November, “Intertwined” has racked up millions of streams on Spotify. With songs like Drive”, “I wish youdMiss Me” and Why Should We”, the album is a good introduction to Wrighthis pop country.

Thisit’s something that II’m super proud,” Wright said. TheThere’s so much work that goes into making a record, and I took it upon myself to take on a lot of responsibility with that.

Since the album’s release, Wright says hesavored every moment fans sang songs from “Intertwined” at his concerts.

Of course I like it or I would like itI didn’t release it,” Wright says. ThisIt’s so inspiring to see other people love it too. II’m starting to do gigs now and hit the road. Seeing people be so passionate about your music and singing it to you is something that never gets old.

With more gigs on the horizon, Wright also says heis currently working on new music.

Now weI’m working on the second project,” says Wright. WeI don’t really know what it iss will necessarily look like, but wewill record more songs. These will hopefully come out this summer.

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