RealityMine launches app navigation analytics solution

RealityMine launches app navigation analytics solution

June 7, 2022

UK-based mobile data company RealityMine has added a solution called “Integrated Browsing” to its reports, allowing customers to measure users’ web browsing activity in social media apps.

RealityMine helps leading RM and media organizations monitor real consumers across multiple devices, across all major platforms. Last month, the company launched a solution called RealLife Events, through which customers can offer user surveys triggered by digital behavior such as the use of a specific app, website, or completion specific search queries.

The new ‘Embedded Browsing’ product measures website engagement within walled garden platforms, providing clients with a unique view of the web browsing behavior that registered users exhibit within social media platforms. In addition to data already captured from traditional web browsers and advertising exposure in social media apps, RealityMine says this feature further extends clients’ ability to develop a comprehensive understanding of consumers.

Product Manager Billy Grant (pictured) comments: “Social media platforms are now mature ecosystems with increasingly sophisticated strategies to capture as much of their audience’s time and attention as possible. Whether it’s optimizing content for publishers to keep users engaged or providing brands and retailers with the ability to sell on their platforms, improving user experience means measuring of these interactions is essential to provide a complete view of user behavior”.

The company, headquartered in Manchester, England, with offices in London and Stockholm, is online at .

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