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Safari’s advanced experimental features give you access to new browser initiatives, upcoming web tools, element changes, behavior tweaks, and other early feature testing that Apple is developing . If you use them on your iPhone, you can either improve your Safari experience or destroy it. Resetting the flags provides a fresh start, but it’s always been a huge headache – until now.

Why use Safari’s experimental features?

Web developers and WebKit engineers benefit the most from Safari’s experimental features menu because they can try out new features while they’re in development. They can then provide feedback to Apple to help the company refine and possibly implement those features in a future version of Safari. However, regular iPhone users can use all experimental features equally.

Safari WebKit experimental flags that are disabled by default are still being tested internally by Apple and not always ready for use by developers. On the other hand, those that are enabled are fair game for everyone. Many experimental features are useful, like preload responsive images for faster display, lazy loading images to reduce bandwidth and make jump links smoother.

I’m particularly excited about “Scroll to Text Fragment”, which would allow Safari to recognize links that highlight specific text in the web page like Chrome currently does. Another is “Link Sanitizer”, which would probably be either remove bloat from hyperlink redirects or disable hyperlinks for security analysts to avoid opening malicious content.

How do I reset Safari’s experimental features?

If you like to play around in Safari’s advanced experimental settings, whether you’re a web developer or just a regular user trying to up your browsing game, things can quickly get out of hand.

For years, you can easily reset all of Safari’s experimental flags to their defaults on macOS; just go to “Develop” in Safari’s menu bar, then choose “Reset All Settings to Default” from the “Experimental Features” menu.

But on iOS and iPadOS, users would like appeal for request for screenshot from fault flag settings so they can manually change them one by one. In iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4, this is no longer necessary.

Go to Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Experimental Features, then scroll down and tap “Reset all settings to default”. There’s no confirmation prompt to deal with, so it immediately reverts all settings to defaults.

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