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LaGrange Shop puts a personal touch on artisanal products

Screenwriter / Amy Lant-Wenger
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Sometimes the pace of life is driven by a need for convenience – an assurance that something will become available at all times. Sometimes it seems easier to find something on a whim and seamlessly integrate it into the interior decor of a home. It’s quite possible that few people take the time to learn about the process of creating objects that end up in a home.

There’s a small family business in the heart of LaGrange County that exemplifies a very different perspective on what it means to make furniture. It’s about being unique and taking the time to make the end product worthwhile. It’s about presenting customers with a work of art that is destined to become an heirloom.

Royal Legacy Furniture, nestled in the countryside between Shipshewana and LaGrange, is owned by Leonard Helmuth, an Amish craftsman who grew up in neighboring Michigan before moving to the LaGrange area in 2007. Its operation is simplistic, but its work ethic is solid. Although he admits that he was not particularly active in the craft until he was a young adult, he showed a keen interest in woodworking before that time, and it was obvious that he was skilled quite early. His first foray into woodworking turned into a business that produces bespoke handmade wooden furniture.

Royal Legacy FurnitureHelmuth first got into building furniture and cabinetry in 2009, along with “everything that came along,” he says with a smile. By 2017, he had started operating a small storefront, which included items such as mattress sets and other types of furniture.

At that point, he felt it was time to give this growing company a proper name.

He turned to his in-laws for advice on what he should call this new venture, and they were the ones who suggested the name Royal Legacy, for a most touching reason.

The letters “R” and “L” were integral to the company name, Helmuth explains, as they are the initials of the first names of himself and his wife.

Royal Legacy Furniture shares a kind of kinship with other furniture stores in the area, in that they often share similar design ideas when working on various items. Helmuth says it’s not uncommon for people to approach him with a specific vision in mind, a dream piece or a cabinetry diagram they want him to bring to fruition. Most of his clients are local, he says, but there are also clients who have discovered him from beyond the region.

Royal Legacy FurnitureHelmuth is happy to welcome visitors to Royal Legacy Furniture any day of the week except Sunday. He says the best way to catch up is to just hang out in the afternoon, or potential visitors can call ahead to make an appointment.

Royal Legacy Furniture is located at 3950 West 200 North in LaGrange. The store’s phone number is 260-768-7510.

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