RTI Filing: What is the co-browse feature on the Income Tax website for taxpayers?

The Income Tax Department has set up a co-browsing feature on the online declaration site. The feature will allow Helpdesk agents to collaborate with the taxpayer’s browser in real time. With this, officers can provide real-time, personalized support to taxpayers during ITR production and other activities.

According to the Income Tax website, the co-browse feature would help agents help taxpayers navigate, scroll, type, and highlight areas of interest on the same browser tab by real time. Co-browsing can also be combined with live chat and phone to resolve customer issues faster.

The co-browse feature will allow tax filing helpdesks to remotely assist their clients with filing ITRs and other activities on the e-filing site.

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With this feature, officers can annotate the taxpayer view on the screen, help complete ITR and other statutory forms, change settings, complete transactions, find help and taxpayer reference materials and even upload documents.

In co-browsing, agents cannot see any other data on the taxpayer’s workstation or computer. “Additionally, the taxpayer must approve the request before agents can start the co-browse session. The taxpayer can also end the co-browse session at any time if they wish to end the discussion,” the income tax website states.

Different from screen sharing

Co-browsing is more convenient and easy to use because the agent and taxpayer are not required to install a third-party app before they can share their entire screen. Additionally, in screen sharing, service agents can see the entire customer desktop or any notification that may appear. However, co-browsing provides a more private and secure experience as the agent can only see the taxpayer’s active browser window and nothing else.

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Benefits of co-browsing

  • No installation or plugin is required.
  • smooth navigation,
  • reduce average handle time and increase resolution rates
  • Highlight and annotate important points
  • Easy to use with easy integration

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