Safety and Recovery Resources for Fort Myers Beach Residents Visiting the Island

The City of Fort Myers Beach has released information regarding residents and others who may be coming to the island.

Access to the island
Fort Myers Beach remains open to residents, homeowners and business owners, adjusters and others who need to be on the island.

There is no electricity on the island, no water or sewage service, no garbage pickup, internet and cell service is not at full strength and
residents should plan to leave the island by 7 p.m.

Many structures are destroyed and most are dangerous to enter. The Big Carlos Pass Bridge remains closed due to structural integrity.

Portable toilets are available at regular intervals along Estero Boulevard.

A temporary municipal complex is installed in trailers next to the damaged town hall. Other city facilities and programs, including Matanzas Pass Mooring Field, Bay Oaks Campus, FMB Pool, Mount House and Newton Beach Park, are closed until further notice.


When cleaning flooded homes, residents should place debris near the sidewalk to pick it up, but not on the street. It is important to keep the streets clear so that traffic can flow freely. It is also important that vehicles do not block streets or interfere with essential services like debris removal.


FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams will be on the island in the coming days to help people register for federal disaster assistance. Residents can also register online at or by phone at 1-800-621-3362.

Disaster recovery centers are open at these locations:

Joseph P. D’Allesandro Office Complex, 15290 Bass Road, Fort Myers
Lakes Regional Library 2295 Victoria Ave, Fort. Myers


World Chef Kitchen serves meals at 2525 Estero Blvd, just outside the City Hall complex. Lunch and dinner meals are free.


You can get a free tarp for your roof by contracting the Army Corps of Engineers Blue Roof Program. 1-800-TOI-BLUE to register.


The island was covered in 12 to 18 feet of salt water from the storm surge. The structural integrity of many homes and buildings is compromised. The electrical systems of most structures on the island are damaged.

Permits and inspections will be required before power is restored to individual structures. Details on required permits and inspections will be available on the city’s website and on social media.


Please verify the credentials of any contractor you are considering hiring. It is a crime in Florida to conduct contracts without a license during a state of emergency. Don’t become a victim. The city recommends homeowners use locally licensed contractors.

Please stay out of the water! Physical, chemical, biological and bacterial contaminants are currently entering our waterways and it is advisable to avoid contact with flood waters, rivers and gulf/bay waters.

Verizon has set up a resource trailer with wi-fi and charging stations next to the town hall.


  • Bay Road – sinkhole near school and collapsed road
  • End of the Lovers – inaccessible
  • Palermo – house and boat in the middle of the street at the end of the street.
  • Miramar – 2 piles of debris in the road
  • Madeira – not accessible
  • Anchorage St. – walkable only
  • First street – not accessible
  • Second St. – not accessible
  • Court of Matanzas – not accessible
  • Under the Matanzas Pass bridge in the city center – not accessible
  • Harbor Court – not accessible
  • Aberdine St. – house on the street
  • Lauder St. – house on the street
  • Lazy Way – house on the street
  • Madrid St. – the whole road is collapsed – accessible only on foot
  • Bahia Via – walkable
  • Indian Bayou – accessible via Lenark only

For more information, visit, and

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