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A good binge-watching session can make or break your Valentine’s Day. Lionsgate Play brings you a carefully curated guide to make sure you and your loved ones celebrate the day of love with plenty of mush. From heartwarming romantic comedies to fairytale love journeys, we’ve got you covered. Sit back and binge! Your Valentine’s Day watch list is here:

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Love Life Season 1 & 2

Love life
focuses on the lives of two main characters in each season. The first season of this rom-com series follows Darby Carter (Anna Kendrick) through her twenties as she navigates work and romance in New York; often with youthful insecurities bubbling to the surface. Season 2 revolves around the journey from first love to lasting love as Marcus Watkins (William Jackson Harper) enters his thirties freshly divorced, still just as lost. Watch the series to find out if Darby and Marcus find the kind of love they’re looking for!

The Island of Love UK

If you are looking for relaxing binge-worthy content, then

the island of love

is the perfect choice. This reality series is a hit all over the world. The award-winning series offers an emotional roller coaster of flirtation, romance and passion in the sun. Gorgeous young singles seek romance while living together in a picture-perfect villa in an exotic destination. Romance is never far away, but it rarely goes smoothly as they not only have to choose their partner wisely, but also win the hearts of the public. Viewers decide who gets to stay and ultimately who will be crowned the sexiest couple of the season.

Hiccups and Hookups

Hiccups and Hookups
is a very relevant and light-hearted approach to dating in today’s era. This cool, urban and edgy series revolves around the unfiltered history of the Rao family, where Vasudha Rao (Lara Dutta) stars as a recently separated wife, taking care of her daughter Kay (Shinnova) alone with her. . brother-in-law Akhil Rao (Prateik Babbar). It is a must watch and is available in Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu.

To breathe

To breathe
is a biographical drama film starring Andrew Garfield and Claire Foyin in the lead. It tells the story of Robin Cavendish, who was paralyzed from the neck down at the age of 28. Robin is confined to a hospital bed with only months to live. With the help of Diana’s twin brothers and the revolutionary ideas of inventor Teddy Hall, Robin and Diana dare to escape from the hospital to seek a full and passionate life together.

The pier

If you’re looking for thrills and suspense on Valentine’s Day, don’t miss Álvaro Morte’s starring The Pier on the Lionsgate Play app. The series centers on a renowned architect, Alexandra, who faces her worst nightmare when she receives a call from local cop Conrado to identify the body of her husband Oscar, found on a pier. She soon discovers that there was more to her life than she thought.

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This British comedy series with an IMDB rating of 7.1 has to be on your binge list if you’re looking for something original and fun. The main character Marnie suffers from OCD and is plagued by disturbing sexual thoughts. Marnie’s best friend Helen from Scotland visits, and Marnie is terrified of the sexual thoughts that come to mind when she is there. Encouraged by her new therapy, Marnie tries to confide her secrets to her old friend, but can she really trust him? Watch the series to find out what happens next!

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