Security experts say you should never make this mistake while browsing the internet

It’s something you do many times a day, but you probably never knew how risky some of your behaviors can be. We’re talking about browsing the Internet, a seemingly innocent action that can put your safety at risk if you commit a few common online atrocities. Hackers are always ready to break down the door to your data, but sometimes you unknowingly leave that door wide open. Security experts say you should never make this mistake while browsing the internet.

Use the same password everywhere

Among the mistakes people make while browsing the internet, there is one that poses the greatest threat to our security, according to Marcin Gwizdala, Chief Technology Officer at Tidio. “I’m talking about using the same password for different websites,” says Gwizdala. “The password basically secures everything you own, including credit card numbers, addresses, and documents. That’s why using the same password across platforms is the biggest mistake.

Using just one password makes you a prime target for hackers, says Gwizdala, because all you have to do is guess your unique password and they can access anything you do online. “No matter how annoying it can be to remember every different and strong password, believe me, it’s very important – nothing is more valuable than your identity and personal information,” says Gwizdala.

And there’s another major navigational mistake you should avoid making.

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Use of public Wi-Fi

The biggest mistake of Aimee White, the co-owner of keyboard kings, she says she sees people do when browsing the internet using unsecured public WiFi. “While this may save internet users from using up all of their 4G data, it does mean that they leave easy connections to their personal data on every unsecured WiFi line,” White says. “It can be easy for some malware to steal private information from public WiFi, so you should be especially careful when accessing personal identity information or financial accounts when using this type of WiFi connection.”

Avoid these two browsing mistakes and you’ll maintain better online security.

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