SEOs make web browsing for the blind really bad…

John Mueller shared on Mastodon that he met someone who uses screen readers to browse the web. And he told her how old-fashioned SEO tricks make reading the web using screen readers, let’s just say, not enjoyable.

John wrote “Today I had a meeting with someone who relies on #screenreaders to get around online.” John said that some of the old SEO tricks like keyword stuffing and removing alt text in little invisible images with keywords and that sort of thing made it difficult or impossible for those using screen readers. John said “hearing how old-school #SEO tricks like #keyword-stuffing in #alt-text & for 1px images, and hidden text variations (size, color, off-screen) are part of their online lives normal was pretty sad (and yes, I did pages like that too back then). Imagine what you would think of the SEO world if this was SEO for you…”

John added that this person said things were improving, he wrote “I was happy to hear that they also saw this kind of abuse decreasing.”

Here is a screenshot of the message:

click for actual size

But yes, try downloading a screen reader and browsing the web as if you were visually impaired. See how it goes for you…

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