Server Packet Loss – What does it mean?

I’m trying to educate myself on this subject and I’m having a hard time understanding what could be going on here.

I play an online video game where there are usually 8 players. According to the network debugging mode, each player only needs/uses a speed of about 10 KBps for downloading and even less for uploading.

I’m in the United States and the server is in Germany. I see a packet loss of 160 and a packet loss variance of 266. These values ​​change throughout the game. The server is super laggy for me, kinda unplayable.

I started noticing problems on Sunday morning, I didn’t play on Saturday. The server information shows that the server uptime is 48 hours and 19 minutes. It was therefore restarted on Saturday afternoon. That explains why I haven’t had any issues with it for the past week. The problems started after the server restarted on Saturday.

I tested three other servers, one was in Germany. I had no packet loss in any of them.

Can anyone tell me if this packet loss on this German server is on my side or on his side? Is it possible to know? Could a congested network route be the cause?

If anyone can explain in detail how this works that would be great. Thank you.

For the curious, I can’t just play on the other servers, there’s no one there. Most servers are empty. For some reason people keep playing on this one in particular, I think because it represents your abilities and charts them or something.

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