Slow internet on one computer

I noticed that the internet speed on my computer is much slower than on my phone or my girlfriend’s computer. All three devices are connected to the same wifi.

My phone:


– Speed ​​test: about 220 Mbp1s D/L, 50 Mbps U/L

My girlfriend’s computer:

-Windows 10

– Speed ​​test: about 227 Mbps D/L, 50 Mbps U/L

My computer:

-Windows 10

– Speed ​​test: about 25 Mbps D/L, 51 Mbps U/L

The connection on mine varies a lot. It is usually around 40 Mbps at its maximum. When I get into any kind of online game it slows down to about 4mbps, sometimes even below 1mbps which makes it nearly impossible to play at times. However, sometimes it remains between 20 and 40.


– All devices connected to the same wifi

– My PC and my girlfriend’s PC are side by side in the same room

– Both PCs use USB wifi dongles

– As far as I can tell, this has been a problem since I got this computer, or at least for a while. I don’t think it’s recent. I think I always assumed that was our connection before, but I recently upgraded to a much faster connection and noticed my connection was still slow)

– In REALTEK ISB Wireless LAN Utility software it says: Signal Strength (100%), Link Quality (60-70%)

Things I tried:

– I disabled the 2.4 GHz connection on the router and made sure I’m on the 5 GHz connection

– Tried to move my usb wifi dongle to other ports

– I tried different dongles (including the one from the other PC)

– I have tried various command line commands from the windows support threads eg things like “netsh int ip reset” and “netsh winsock reset” and others that have been suggested in some similar threads

– Tried a “clean” boot with most services unchecked

– I tried to run virus/malware scans

– I tried to disable my antivirus

– Checked task manager for anything that uses a lot of network

– Checked device manager for any problems with the adapter

– Went to adapter in device manager and checked for updates

– Googled for all later drivers for it (Realtek 8811CU Wireless LAN 802.11ac USB NIC) but found none

– Network connection deleted and recreated

– Disabled all network adapters and re-enabled

– Click to “troubleshoot” all network issues

– Disabled “allow to turn off to save power” option on network adapter

– Changed the Wireless Mode setting in the adapter’s advanced settings from “Auto” to “IEE 802.11ac”

– Windows updated

I don’t know what else to try at this point. I don’t know much about hardware/network, so I just google all those things I’ve tried.

Can anyone help?

Thank you.

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