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Local Girl Scout troop wins bronze award for helping the community

Screenwriter / Christy Heitger-Ewing
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Winston Churchill said, We earn our living by what we receive, but we earn our living by what we give. The young girls who make up Girl Scout Troop 212 understand this feeling and live it. Comprised of 13 fifth graders, most of these girls have been part of the Girl Scouts since they were in kindergarten. Candace Monzingo was the troupes leader for six years. SheShe is also a full-time nurse with a passion for volunteering with Meals on Wheels of Hendricks County, a non-profit organization that delivers meals to homebound seniors who cannot prepare their own meals due to illness, disability or age.

Monzingo introduced her Girl Scout troop to Meals on Wheels, so every two weeks when the troop gets together, they decorate 100 lunch bags for the organization. They even decorated bags at the start of the pandemic when they weren’tt meet in person as a group (Monzingo dropped off the bags to each girlthe House). They don’t haveI don’t want to stop giving, because its the cornerstone of what they do.

Last summer, Meals on Wheels held a car show and the 212 troop got involved. The girls have organized a kids’ area with activities like face painting and building cars from Twinkies. In total, they raised several hundred dollars with all proceeds going to Meals on Wheels.

Troop 212 recently won the Girl Scout Bronze Award, which is one of the highest awards in Girl Scouts. This award is given to a troupe that makes a real difference in their community. For these girls, thatthat’s all theyhave never known. ThisThat’s what they like too.

TheyThey’re a very active troop that’s all about giving back,” says Michelle Logan, whose daughter is in troop 212. “Serving is just ingrained in them, as evidenced by the fact that their vests are full of patches. Honestly, however, they were more excited about participating in events than winning the pin or even winning the prize. They love volunteering so much.

Each year, Girl Scout Troop 212 also volunteers to run a s’more station during the Halloween trick-or-treat event in Washington Township Park, to raise money for the local park system.

The kids do tricks or treats in the woods and we set up a s’more stand,” says Logan. Thisit’s great because all these little children see our girls in vests and theyreintroduced to the Girl Scouts.

The troupe modeled their volunteering habits on Monzingo, who is such a popular leader that at one point she had 18 girls in her troupe.

YouIt’s only worth the effort the parents put into it,” says Logan, who has three daughters in Girl Scouts and a son in Boy Scouts. “We have a mother whose whole job is to find volunteer opportunities. I sew all the patches.

Everyone knows what an Eagle Scout is with the Boy Scouts,” she adds. Interestingly, there are probably more Girl Scouts in Avon than Boy Scouts.

Logan says the best part of Scouting is witnessing these kids’ dedication to bettering the community. A wonderful bonus of this is making great friends.Troop 212

You know what they say – show me your friends, show me your future,” Logan says. As a mom, you love seeing your kids befriend like-minded people. These girls form positive relationships and this troupe keeps them going in the right direction.

A line thatThe notion of doing the right thing is naturally rooted in participation in Scouting.

Just yesterday my kids and I were walking the dog when we came across a huge pile of trash on the street,” Logan explains. Without thinking they said, LetGo and get it.Serving comes naturally to them.

This summer, Troop 212 hopes to volunteer at the Hendricks County Rib-Fest. ThisIt’s something girls can’t wait to do, and thereI’ve never had a stomach ache at the thought of giving up part of their Saturday.

Avon is a very family-centric community,” says Logan. There are so many wonderful opportunities to volunteer.

For Scouts and parents, the best part of winning the Bronze Award is that it can encourage others to get involved in Scouting.

Troop 212 inspires other troops to do better, to be bigger, and to be the best they can be,” says Logan.

To learn more about Girl Scouts of Hendricks County, email [email protected] or [email protected]

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