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William Knox has a passion for the sports business

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As manager of Grand Park, William Knox helped establish the sports facility as a sporting destination. Knox served as manager from 2016 to 2021. He is now using his experiences there to run his own company, Legacy Sports Group (LSG). It is a consulting, management and event production company specializing in the sports tourism industry. The company helps with facility management and operation, and also plans and produces sporting and community engagement events.

Prior to taking on the role of manager at Grand Park, Knox served as director of sports development for Hamilton County Tourism and director of the Hamilton County Sports Authority.

“I’ve worked on the Grand Park project to some extent since 2000,” Knox explains. “So I’ve been involved in sport tourism capacity for a very long time.”

Knox began consulting as Team Knox Strategies to provide communities with the ability to create their own events. The Knox Strategies team transitioned to Legacy Sports Group in 2020. In 2022, Knox decided to focus full-time energy on growing LSG.

“I was able to work with the city, the mayor, and the administration there to make that transition,” Knox says. “Although I am no longer a director, I am still able to support Grand Park’s efforts, managing research and development.”

Knox brought in former colleagues to help develop and run LSG. As part of his contractual agreement with the park, three of his team’s staff members are fully dedicated to projects for Grand Park. Many LSG members also have personal experience in the sport.

“In launching Legacy, I was looking at how we continue to evolve and grow what was created at Westfield,” says Knox. “A lot of people think of it in terms of the physical aspect of the campus, but what we’re looking to do is continue to transform it into a destination for sporting events. It’s called the sports business. This is where we have focused for the past few years. »

William Knox

Going forward, Knox and his team at LSG hope to work with communities across the United States that aren’t blessed with large sports facilities. “We hope to create recreational opportunities in communities that don’t have them,” he says.

Knox holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports Marketing with a minor in Business from Indiana University and began his career as Director of Sports Marketing at the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau. Later, he became a director of the Hoosier Sports Corporation. Additionally, he is a board member of numerous organizations including the Indy Eleven Soccer Foundation and the National Association of Sports Commissions.

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