Tasmanian Game Council updated to advise on animal hunting and browsing

July 14, 2022

Jo Palmer, Minister of Primary Industries and Water

Membership of the Tasmanian Game Council has been renewed with the appointment of nine new members.

The Tasmanian Game Council is the supreme body which provides substantive and independent advice to government on a wide range of game management, navigational animal management, hunting and related matters.

Along with Chairman, Mr Greg Hall, the new appointments to the Tasmanian Game Council are:

  • Mr Nathan Cox
  • Mr Peter Ball
  • Mrs Mary Knowles
  • Mr. Scott Flude
  • Mr Edward Gibson
  • Mr Jean-Paul Morice
  • Dr Bruce Jackson
  • Associate Professor Julianne O’Reilly-Wapstra
  • Mr Thomas Beuke

Congratulations to the appointed members who each bring diverse skills and experience and will provide valuable advice to government on a wide range of complex issues.

Independent advice on the management of game, game and browsing animals is important to ensure the sustainable management of wildlife in Tasmania.

Further information on the Tasmanian Game Council, its composition and role can be found on the NRE Tas website: nre.tas.gov.au/agriculture/game-services-tasmania

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