Tesla updates its browser with autocomplete, browsing history and more

By Gabe Rodriguez Morrison

A nice feature of all Teslas is the ability to browse the web using the car’s touchscreen.

All Teslas have a Chromium-based browser, which is the same engine that powers Google Chrome. Although the browser is much faster in the new models, it’s a great tool to have at your disposal.

With the 2022.12.1 update (release notes), Tesla has made several improvements to make the navigation experience even better. Thanks to Dan Burkland (@DBurkland) on Twitter, we now have details and images on everything Tesla updated with its browser in 2022.12.

Top row

In Tesla v11, the browser became part of the Entertainment section, which meant the browser now had an additional bar at the top. The bar displayed the word Entertainment and let you easily switch between Aracade, Theater, Toybox or the browser. Unfortunately, it also reduced the amount of space available to display website content.

With 2022.12.1, this bar has been removed, so the previous, next, and address bar are again at the very top.


When typing a URL or search phrase in the address bar, the browser will now show autocomplete results below the address bar.

Autocomplete results are similar to what you’d see on a desktop or mobile device, providing helpful suggestions based on your query or browsing history.

Navigation engine

The browser itself has been updated to a newer version of Chromium which improves browser security and rendering.


Your browser’s bookmarks dialog has also received a minor facelift. The information displayed remains the same, but the UI now has a cleaner look.

Tesla favorites got a little facelift

New welcome screen

The browser loading screen has been updated from a generic icon to the Tesla logo.

In addition to your favorites showing up in the Favorites menu, Tesla now also appears to show you your most-visited sites right on the home screen. This is similar to how other major browsers will display your most used sites when opening a new tab.

New Tesla Browser Loading Screen

Navigation history

Since your browsing history is now used for search autocomplete, Tesla has also added the ability to clear your browser history.

You can now clear your Tesla's navigation data

You can delete a single result from your history by pressing the X button in the autocomplete drop-down list in the address bar, or you can clear your entire browsing history by navigating to Controls > Service and pressing Delete browser data.

The web browser is definitely a useful feature in Teslas, as it lets you view sites or open web apps that you might not otherwise be able to access.

Like Tesla doesn’t still support appsone of the uses of the browser is to display web applications or games.

One feature I’d like to see Tesla add in the near future is a “full screen” mode that will allow you to browse the web using your vehicle’s entire screen.

Update 2022.12.1 brought many improvements to Tesla vehicles. One of the other major improvements included in this update is the ability to add heated seats, windshield wipers, and window defrosters to the launcher.

This update has just started rolling out, with only 2% of the entire fleet having access to the update so far, so be sure to keep an eye out for these exciting features.

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