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Texas Margaritas is quickly becoming a favorite in Boone County

Screenwriter / Matt Keating
Photographer / Whitney Moore

When working to ensure the success of a family restaurant, it is helpful for each member of the team to take on tasks they are comfortable and familiar with, to help the business thrive.

Luis Scheker, Jr., an employee of Texas Margaritas in Zionsville, enjoys working behind the scenes.

“I really like working on the desktop computer and the paperwork,” he says. “It’s what I do well, and I can help the restaurant run better. My father, Luis Scheker, and his partner, Saul Ramirez, are the co-owners. They really focus on high quality Mexican food and running the business. I think they picked a great location.

Scheker says Texas Margaritas was met with a warm and enthusiastic response from the Zionsville community.

“We’re in the Maple Grove business area, and my dad and Saul thought it was a great place because it’s still growing,” he says. “What makes this place unique is that it is thriving and attracting more families who love the homes and schools in the area. It’s very special. People are really building new homes and new businesses here, and we wanted to be part of that growth. »

Texas Margaritas already has regular customers who return often.

“Shortly after we opened, a lot of people told us they loved the food and planned to come back right away, which they did,” he says. “They brought their friends, and it’s great. People speak positively of us. This means that we offer them delicious Mexican food at a good price. What brings people back is one important thing: food. You can talk about other things, but it all comes down to food.

Scheker’s family is passionate about the restaurant industry.

“Our first Texas Margaritas was launched a year ago in Indianapolis,” he says. “This location has been a success because a lot of effort has gone into making sure all the food is very fresh and served quickly. We use fresh ingredients. We strive to make sure everything is delicious. We don’t ‘have no plans for a third restaurant at this time as we are busy enough to ensure the restaurant and food continue to be exceptional.

Scheker’s favorite dish in Texas Margaritas is pork. Texas Margaritas

“Everything is really good here,” he said. “We have a Favoritos Mexicanos menu, which includes our Pollo Favorito, a grilled chicken breast topped with several ingredients. We also have a Three Amigos, which is three burritos, and Pollo Fundido, two fried flour tortillas. These are just a few of the items on our extensive menu. We are always looking to meet new customers, so we ask our regular customers to keep telling their friends about us.

Texas Margaritas is located at 7151 Whitestown Parkway in Zionsville. For more information, call 317-769-0163 and visit texasmargaritaswhitestown.com.

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