The 7 Best Safari Extensions to Improve Your Browsing Experience

The default browsing experience on Mac is intuitive and serves its purpose for many users. However, Safari really shines when a few different add-ons are installed. You can disable ads, manage multiple passwords, instantly translate web pages into other languages, and more with just a few clicks.

To take your Internet browser to the next level, be sure to download the following extensions on your Mac.

For a satisfying browsing experience, you need to insulate yourself from overzealous and malicious advertisements. Ghostery Lite is the perfect free solution to block unwanted banner ads and video clips. A big advantage of the extension is the ability to add custom settings and whitelist certain websites. Both features let you display ads on websites that deserve revenue and don’t abuse the system.

Enabling ghostery is easy

Another thing you should do early on is to organize your different passwords in a convenient location. The 1Password extension allows you to access the same features as the traditional application directly from your browser. View your Password Vault and quickly fill out forms with the information stored in your account. Automated information is associated with the websites you use for seamless web integration. After a 30-day trial, you must subscribe to one of the payment plans. Considering how much time 1Password saves, the few dollars a month is well worth it for most heavy Mac users.

Keep Passwords Organized

Every once in a while you come across interesting content in a language you don’t understand. The Mate extension is the easiest way to translate entire web pages into your native language. All you have to do is double click or right click on the text you want to translate. For longer passages, you can even translate your entire clipboard with the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+T. The add-on supports 103 different languages ​​and will speak words to further enhance your learning.

Mate translates in one click

Safari’s user interface has many unique quirks and features that don’t work well with all websites. To restore full functionality on problematic websites, try installing Stop the Madness. This extension reactivates classic features such as opening links in new tabs and command key shortcuts. The default scrolling speed is also restored on websites that attempt to throttle your performance. Interestingly enough, the app can also disable some annoying UI features on various websites. Most notably, warnings asking you to stay on the page can be removed entirely.

Stop the madness of stubborn websites

Honey is a popular browser extension for shoppers who like to save money. Once installed, the app will automatically search the internet for the best deals on the items you are about to purchase. Add an item to your cart and Honey will start shopping. search for promo codes. Apply the best and you are ready to make the purchase. Honey ensures you save as much as possible each day of the transaction.

Save money with honey

Rakuten offers generous discounts on thousands of products available online. This handy extension makes it easy to browse your favorite stores for cashback offers. If your preferred retailer does not offer a product or discount opportunity, Rakuten will automatically search for an offer on the same product at another store. When several shops have offers on the same product, comparing them is incredibly simple.

Rakuten offers cash back

When watching videos, the rest of the webpage may be too bright or distracting. This extension fixes this problem by dim the entire window except the video player. Dimming is toggled by clicking the light bulb icon in the Safari toolbar. The add-on supports all popular video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

Make videos easier to watch

A more productive Mac experience

Now that your Safari browser is turbocharged, you can be more productive and enjoy a better browsing experience. Mac’s default browser is designed to be fast, secure, and easy to sync across multiple Apple devices. However, it’s important to keep Safari up to date if you want to get the most out of the features. Check out our guide for update Safari in four easy steps.

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