The best Elden Ring weapon, attribute and building resources

“Elden Ring” is a classic role-playing game that focuses heavily on the idea of ​​”building up” your character keeping in mind their main strengths to allow you to equip better specialized equipment and eventually have advantage over enemies. To that end, concepts such as “weapon scaling” abound, with letter grades from A to D influencing how you build your character.

It is also a game with strict rules on the timing of attacks. Pushing a button in “Elden Ring” isn’t like a fighting game or a first-person shooter, where the action is almost instantaneous. Attacking in “Elden Ring”, as in all Souls games, is all about commitment. It’s a fast-paced chess game where you try to guess your opponent’s next move with your own.

“Elden Ring” is so large that any beginner’s guide will probably not answer your specific questions. But there are certain basic principles that every player should understand, and there are already a number of valuable online resources to help you understand the game’s many obtuse but important rules. Consuming just a few of these sources will provide you with everything you need to make meaningful progress in “Elden Ring”.

“The Beginner’s Guide to Elden Ring” by VaatiVidya

YouTuber VaatiVidya needs no introduction for longtime fans of the Dark Souls series: he’s chronicled the stories of numerous FromSoftware games, which are notoriously opaque and lacking in detail. He’s a talented creator of easy-to-understand videos, and that expertise shines through in his beginner’s guide to “Elden Ring.”

His latest guide walks through the basics of the Souls genre – rules whose importance “Elden Ring” fails to impress or even fail to teach. VaatiVidya covers lessons so important that they are worth highlighting in this article:

  • The fight is all about managing the green stamina bar. Learn what wears him out and deal with it well.
  • Dodging (or “rolling”) includes so-called invincibility frames (or “i-frames”). This refers to animation frames where the player cannot be harmed by attacks. Careful timing of these i-frames can be the key to surviving even the most overwhelming and devastating attacks.
  • Pay attention to how enemies move. The biggest fights in the game are more like a highly technical boxing match, requiring you to read and anticipate your opponents’ moves before committing your own attacks.
  • The starting class you choose at the start of the game does not dictate what kind of fighter you will become. These are only suggestions; becoming a mighty mage or warrior knight all depends on the player’s investments in stats after each level up.

VaatiVidya’s guide says that’s all you need to succeed at the game, and it’s true. “Elden Ring” publisher Bandai Namco also apparently approves of this post; the company released the video on its social media, hoping to facilitate the genre’s new audience.

FextraLife “Attributes” and Building Guides

FextraLife is basically the Wikipedia of Dark Souls games.

Understanding the different stats in the game is essential to becoming an effective player, and FextraLife has a unique guide to in-game stats called “Attributes”, which explains what “Vigor” means and why increasing “Stamina” means you can wear armor. heavier – among other things.

The FextraLife community already has build guides, recommendations on how to improve your stats to optimize the type of warrior you want to be.

For example, the Mage guide below will tell you to start leveling up in the Intelligence stat early, as it determines how hard your magic spells hit. But it also reminds you to improve stamina, because casting magic takes stamina.

Maybe you want to be a hunter armed with a bow. The FextraLife Archer guide will tell you to focus more on buying arrows and upgrading your bows rather than investing in strength and dexterity attributes.

It might seem like a lot to take, but it’s important to remember that “Elden Ring” is a true classic role-playing game in the vein of Dungeons & Dragons, because it’s always a good idea to know what kind of character you want. be before you start. Every point you invest in your character’s stats is valuable in creating a character and reaching the full potential of your desired fighting style.

FextraLife Weapon (and Scaling) Guides

It’s hard to overstate the value offered by the FextraLife community. The site’s weapon guides, for example, already include most of the weaponry players can find in a number of weapon categories, just days after “Elden Ring’s” release.

If you’re the type of person who commits to using katanas as your weapon of choice, for example, it won’t hurt to use the guide to learn the attribute requirements for some of the most powerful katanas found over late in the game. And if the guides are updated, you’ll probably see where to find them.

This is where it’s important to emphasize the letter notation of each weapon’s attributes, also known as weapon scaling. If a weapon has strength grade A or S, for example, the damage dealt will increase if a player has a higher strength. If the weapon has D or E, it won’t be as effective. A Meteor Staff with an S scale in Intelligence would be a highly sought after, high damage weapon for any player casting sorceries, for example.

“Elden Ring” is still a few days old, but longtime influencers in the Souls gaming space have already diligently posted guides. This game is long and meant to be replayed, so as you continue this journey, pay close attention to some YouTube creators who will find new ways to play and upload even more in-depth guides for specific areas and aspects of “Elden Ring”.

The oldest and most successful was FightinCowboy, which makes long, detailed walkthroughs that players can follow to complete them. He already has an exhaustive guide to finding one of the legendary great swords in the game.

Iron Pineapple has a quick guide for easy-to-miss cheats and mechanics that even long-time Souls players might overlook.

If all else fails, using YouTube as a Google search engine for questions about game specifics can often yield good results and leads creators to unlock the game’s darker secrets.

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