The Chamber of Commerce compiles a business directory

Chambers Directory 2021 / Courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce

The 2022 Hopkins County Business Directory is heading your way! The Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce is currently preparing its directory and is excited about its post-holiday debut.

The guide contains professional contact information, Hopkins attractions, and historical notes for the city and county. Next year, the Chamber of Commerce estimates that it will distribute more than 7,000 copies of the directory to tourists, movers and residents.

“It’s a great resource for the city,” said Chamber Membership Coordinator Amanda Tredway-Simmons.

In addition to giving the directory to any resident who wants one, the Chamber sends bundles of directories to potential new residents, Tredway-Simmons said.

“It’s a great way for businesses to get exposure,” she noted. “Real estate agents, electricians, all the companies you need are in the directory.”

The directory can be particularly useful when new residents move to town.

“When new people come to town, we go through every category: restaurants, stores… the directory is what we use to direct them to where they would like to shop, eat or play,” a- she declared.

The directory can also help local businesses form a more cohesive community, the Chamber noted.

“It’s a business reference for other local businesses that they might use in town,” Tredway-Simmons said.

House Speaker Butch Burney said the House has been printing directories for “decades” and for some residents they have become a collector’s item.

“We have people calling to ask when the directory is coming out,” Tredway-Simmons said. “They want to make sure they get one every year.”

The cover of the business directory features an image by a local photographer each year, although the Chamber keeps the image secret until its first publication. The 2021 repertoire featured cherry blossoms in bloom, captured by Kasey Knotts of Sulfur Springs. However, the Chamber would not disclose what the 2022 cover might look like.

“We love our local small businesses, and we want them to continue to thrive and succeed in everything they do,” Burney said in his Chamber Connection column.

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By Taylor Nye

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