The price target for Paramount Resources (TSE:POU) has been reduced to C$37.50.

In a note distributed to investors on Friday, CIBC equity analysts lowered their price target for Paramount Resources (TSE: POU) from C$40.00 to C$37.50, as reported by BayStreet.CA. The previous price target was CA$40.00. Recent analyst reports have indicated that the company’s stock should be viewed as “neutral.” According to CIBC’s proposed price target, the value of the business may increase by 31.12% from its current value.

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Additionally, the POU has been analyzed in various other research projects. On Monday, September 19, Scotiabank released analysis indicating that the company had raised its price target on Paramount Resources from CA$34.00 to CA$37.00. The analysis has been published online. In a Tuesday, July 5 research report, Raymond James raised his price target on Paramount Resources from $40.00 to $45.00. Despite this change, Raymond James continued to recommend that investors “outperform” the stock. The price target that National Bankshares has set for Paramount Resources has dropped from $45.00 to $40.00 due to a research report released on September 30. The company’s stock was the subject of the study. ATB Capital gave the company an “sector performance” rating in a report released Thursday, August 4, and lowered its price target on Paramount Resources from CA$42.00 to CA$40.00. The previous price target was $42.00 in Canadian dollars. In a report distributed Thursday, August 4, BMO Capital Markets lowered its price target for Paramount Resources. The new price target is $42.00, down from $45.00. This was the third and final reduction in the amount. Three research professionals gave the stock a buy rating and four gave the stock a hold rating. The stock’s current rating is consensus “Hold”, and the price target, as determined by consensus, is set at C$39.35. These figures come from, which can be found online.
POU shares suffered a loss of $0.13 per share on Friday and were last seen at $28.60 midday. There were 113,443 trades in the company’s shares, which is significantly higher than the company’s daily volume of 431,208 shares. Customers paid an average of $28.21 for products sold by this company over the past 50 days, while the average price paid over the past 200 days was $30.63. The stock’s price-to-earnings ratio is 6.81 and its market capitalization is C$4.04 billion. Its current ratio is 0.40, its quick ratio is 0.37 and its debt ratio is 8.12, but its quick ratio is only 8.12 times its equity. Mount Resources’ share price has hit an all-time low of C$19.06 and an all-time high of C$40.73 in the past year.

The most recent results of Paramount Resources’ quarterly financial report were released on Wednesday, August 3, according to the company’s disclosure to the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE: POU). The company reported earnings per share for the quarter of C$1.24, $0.15 higher than the consensus estimate for the quarter, which was C$1.09. During the reporting period, the company generated total revenue of C$536.20 million. Analysts working for companies that trade stocks expect Paramount Resources to earn $7.13 per share in the current fiscal year.

The independent energy company, Paramount Resources Ltd., is active in the exploration, development, production and sale of various commodities in the Canadian market. These commodities include natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquids. The Company’s principal assets are the Montney and Duvernay developments, located in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. These new communities are spread across the two provinces. In addition, it invests in organizations belonging to categories of public and private companies.

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