The state of health & life insurance: capturing the younger generation and other challenges

The state of health & life insurance: capturing the younger generation and other challenges

The health and life insurance market has many challenges and trends in common with the wider insurance industry. However, it also faces its own unique hurdles, what are these and what can insurers do about them?

Implementing New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act

The NYS Climate Action Council has released, for public comment, a much-awaited draft plan to implement New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), the most ambitious climate law in the country. Join us for a Zoom presentation and Q &A with Jen Metzger, who will give us an overview of the plan and issues and recommendations that are important for communities to know about and weigh in on. She will also highlight actions that state and local governments need to begin taking now if New York is to reach its emissions targets.

Jen served in the State Senate in 2019-2020, where she was a leading voice for action to tackle climate change and move away from reliance on fossil fuels. She was an active member of the Senate’s workgroup on the CLCPA, passed in 2019, and she led efforts in the State Legislature to create a permanent ban on fracking, passed as part of the budget in 2020.

Prior to her election to the State Senate, Jen served for over a decade in local government in the Town of Rosendale, and co-founded and directed Citizens for Local Power, an organization dedicated to helping communities shift to an equitable, locally-based clean energy economy. She is currently Senior Policy Advisor to New Yorkers for Clean Power, and also serves on the NYS Cannabis Control Board, which is charged with creating a framework for cannabis policy grounded in public health, equity, restorative justice, and sustainability. She has a PhD in political science, with a specialization in environmental politics and policy.

This event is brought to you through the combined efforts of the New York State Climate Reality Project Coalition, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Riverkeeper, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, New Yorkers for Clean Power, and Scenic Hudson.

Marketing Baltimore Life’s Tax Efficient Asset Transfer Products

Single Premium Whole Life is a secure solution for seniors who want to reallocate a portion of their invested cash assets not needed for daily living such as CD’s and Money Market funds. Generation Legacy is designed for seniors who have non-qualified annuities and qualified funds that they want to pass onto their heirs in an easier and more tax-efficient manner. In addition to the immediate increase in your client’s estate provided by the life insurance, both products also offer the security of living benefits through accelerated death benefit riders.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Course (CLF-C01) – Pass the Exam!

Prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification and pass!

✏️ Developed by Andrew Brown of ExamPro
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Get your Free Practice and Downloadable Cheatsheets
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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:13:10) Introduction
⌨️ (00:17:35) Cloud Concepts
⌨️ (00:46:56) Getting Started
⌨️ (01:19:37) Digital Transformation
⌨️ (01:27:40) The Benefits of the Cloud
⌨️ (01:33:54) Global Infrastructure
⌨️ (02:14:28) Cloud Architecture
⌨️ (02:37:50) Management and Developers Tools
⌨️ (04:15:23) Shared Responsibility Model
⌨️ (04:34:20) Compute
⌨️ (05:27:48) Storage
⌨️ (06:05:26) Databases
⌨️ (06:35:39) Networking
⌨️ (06:57:27) EC2
⌨️ (07:49:10) EC2 Pricing Models
⌨️ (08:08:09) Identity
⌨️ (08:53:55) Application Integration
⌨️ (09:05:22) Containers
⌨️ (09:16:11) Goverance
⌨️ (09:44:39) Provisioning
⌨️ (10:05:34) Serverless
⌨️ (10:10:04) Windows on AWS
⌨️ (10:18:46) Logging
⌨️ (10:32:39) ML AI BigData
⌨️ (10:52:52) AWS Well Architected Framework
⌨️ (11:14:35) TCO and Migration
⌨️ (11:30:41) Billing and Pricing
⌨️ (12:25:50) Security
⌨️ (13:11:08) Variation Study

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How to generate health insurance Facebook leads using Facebook (New Update) #TherealIgweh #insurance

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