These Four iOS Safari Extensions Can Make Your Web Surfing Smoother Than Before | Here’s how they work

Web browsing, if no interruptions occur, could easily pave the way for a smooth experience. However, sometimes some users may encounter unwanted pop-ups and bugs on the website which makes online browsing much worse than expected.

This is the reason why it is necessary to use important extensions to avoid these annoying behaviors. These Safari extensions will help you get out of this mess.

Check These Safari Extensions

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These Safari extensions can pave the way for a more enjoyable web browsing experience.

great agent

The most common form of pop-ups is the use of cookies. In some cases, you may have already encountered this problem in which you will be asked to accept or reject cookies from the website.

There will be no problem if you accept or abandon this choice. However, there is still a better alternative to avoid that unnecessary popup on your screen.

According MacRumors, you can use Great agent for Safari extension. This is a useful option if you want to instantly fill out the cookie form on every site you click on the internet.

This iOS extension will save you time by not seeing cookie pop-ups. Thus, it will also allow you to customize the configuration of cookies on a website. If you select “accept”, this will automatically apply to all websites you visit.

You can download this browser extension from the App Store.

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Another iOS Safari extension you can try is Ban. This is a new extension that removes website alerts. Say no more to online headaches when you see “open in app” pop-ups everywhere.

It is very effective since it easily eliminates dark patterns on the web, apart from “open in app” banners. For just $2, you can take advantage of this subscription to get more valuable screen time.

stop the madness

stop the madness can literally “stop” your temporary madness with incessant pop-ups thanks to its on-off toggle. It is designed to bring privacy protection to your browsing experience.

This Safari extension can remove link trackers and clickjacking from search results and even stop autoplaying videos and clips on websites. It could also bypass Google’s AMP web pages, as well as protect the ability to copy, paste, and cut between sites.

You can enjoy these benefits for just $7.99, and it’s only a one-time purchase you need to make.


Noir, as the name of the iOS extension suggests, is more about providing a dark mode to a website. Not all websites offer a built-in dark theme option, but this Safari extension might solve your problem.

This Safari extension could be your saving grace if you don’t want to see websites in a bright pattern. It is accessible in the Apple App Store for only $2.99.

Apart from browser extensions, BGR reported that you can try other extensions on your iPhone, including Grammarly, Mapper, Honey, Amplosion, and 1Password.

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