Toronto-based hvr reinvents the browsing experience

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hvra mobile browser that lets users easily discover, chat and share the sites they love in a single app, today announced the launch of its flagship social browsing platform on the Apple App Store and google play. Hvr enables communities to form across websites by allowing users to seamlessly post comments, images, and other content directly to the sites they visit to spark discussions with followers and friends.

Hvr transforms the web into a great place for creators and publishers, including social media features such as home feeds, following others, comment threads and discovery, in the browsing experience it -same.

“The need to bounce between browsers and social apps is a thing of the past,” says Hvr CEO and co-founder Nelson B. Thall. “Hvr combines the best browsing and social media features so you no longer have to copy-paste and share links to countless places to chat on the web. Users can now follow people and their favorite sites to experience an organized website and participate in conversations about the sites they love.

the Hvr Site Partner Program allows website owners to integrate their content into the Hvr ecosystem to drive site traffic and create new revenue streams. “Traditional browsing hasn’t kept up with the needs of modern bloggers and web publishers. The result has been more creators investing their time solely in social channels over which they have little control,” says Casie Stewart, blogger and director of Sitepartner and social program at Hvr. “For over a decade, I’ve juggled conversations on siled social platforms, taking engagement away from original content on my website. Hvr is an easy-to-use, real-time hub for my community that helps me keeps you on top of reviews from a single app without missing a beat.

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About Hvr

Hvr was founded by a passionate team of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers from media, technology and publishing who are dedicated to providing users, web publishers and advertisers with a more useful, social web experience and profitable. Its founders have a 75-year family history in publishing as co-owners of the Toronto Star, the largest printed daily newspaper in Canada. The company is based in Toronto and is privately held. Websites can also become Hvr Site Partners to increase engagement and discovery of their web content, while receiving recurring commissions and revenue.

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