UAE’s first business directory of women founded and owned businesses launched by Female Fusion

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Female Fusion, the largest professional community for women entrepreneurs, has launched its official business directory, a first of its kind in the MENA region. This directory includes companies founded by women in which the founders have a 51% share or more, indicated by a “W” next to the list, as well as companies led by women. The platform offers opportunities for women-owned businesses to gain exposure and makes it easy for customers and potential customers to discover verified and legally operating businesses in the UAE and help them grow.

Globally, women-owned businesses make up half of registered businesses, yet they only receive about 1-2% of contracts. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2021, it will now take 135.6 years to close the gender gap globally if the current growth trajectory of women entrepreneurs continues. Last year, the UAE was one of the five most improved countries in terms of progress on gender parity, and organizations like Female Fusion have helped close the gender gap working with local businesses and government to create greater awareness and uplift women-owned businesses. The launch of this business directory is a step in this direction.

Usually, when looking for an external service provider founded and run by women, companies will most likely use a search engine. For small businesses, SEO and Adwords are expensive and can take a while to kick in, making it difficult for them to show up in search results. Being listed in a verified business directory makes them easily searchable on a comprehensive, user-friendly website. With over 1,500 categories ranging from pet services to personal coaching to law firms and more, businesses and individuals can find a business that matches the criteria they are looking for.

The directory offers two types of listings for those wishing to sign up: a premium listing and a basic listing. Those who are part of Female Fusion’s paid membership network, known as Fusion Circle, are offered a premium listing at no additional cost. The premium listing allows businesses to fully showcase their specialties through various channels such as video, social media, product photos, and more. Non-members can also be listed in the directory – the basic listing is free except for an annual fee of Dh100 for business license verification.

To be listed in the business directory, business owners must submit their business licenses annually to Female Fusion to initiate the verification process and confirm that they are authorized to trade the services they offer.

Commenting on the launch of the business directory, Jen Blandos, CEO of Female Fusion, said, “Regardless of the positive outcomes that women-owned businesses bring to the country’s economy, women-owned businesses are still not achieving an equal share of contracts and business. Female Fusion and this verified business directory will help women-owned businesses find support among like-minded women as well as new clients to grow, scale, and achieve their dreams. Organizations committed to supporting women-founded businesses can find a variety of service providers such as auditors, lawyers, architects, photographers and more on the Directory. Our vision at Female Fusion is to create a safe, uplifting, and supportive space to help women build thriving businesses..”

The UAE has been extremely vocal about its support for businesses founded by women. The Ministry of Economy reported that 50% of SMEs in the country are owned by women and 48% of female business owners are also the sole owners of their business. These companies employ about 20% of the workforce and contribute about 20% to the country’s GDP. There are also business councils created specifically for women entrepreneurs in each emirate to seek support, mentorship and advice.

“It’s amazing that the government is so welcoming to women entrepreneurs, but even in such a booming economy, small businesses can struggle to get out there and gain exposure. The business directory allows members to showcase their expertise on a verified platform and their potential customers know that the business they are engaging with is licensed and operated by dedicated business owners. If you are a female entrepreneur who takes your business and growth seriously, this is the place to be,” Blandos added.

Additionally, Female Fusion also hosts various online and in-person networking events, offers masterclasses, and has an easy-to-access digital library with information on running a business in the UAE, among other support channels for women to develop their businesses. During Ramadan, the network runs a series of workshops called “The Ramadan Sessions” for Fusion Circle members to support and inspire them professionally and personally.

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About Female Fusion:

Female Fusion is the UAE’s largest business community for female entrepreneurs. With a community of over 20,000, Female Fusion supports, nurtures and uplifts women-owned businesses. Female Fusion offers information, networking opportunities, a fully searchable business directory, masterclasses, service provider discounts, and comprehensive support that helps women grow their networks and businesses. CEO and Founder, Jen Blandos’ vision is to propel the progress of women-owned businesses through mentorship, networking, education, incubation and helping them secure funding to bring new ideas, services and products on the market.

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