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URSOR, a London-based safe browser and search engine for kids, was officially launched by ed-tech veteran Filippo Yacob to give kids aged 4-12 the freedom to explore, learn and create online while protecting them from harmful content and maintaining their privacy at all times.

URSOR was created to protect children while exploring the Internet. It allows them to access essential learning materials, have fun and discover new interests online. This is all done in a secure space where parents can rest easy knowing that their child is not being tracked on any site they access and that inappropriate content is filtered out. URSOR, essentially creates an “Internet First for Kids” of caring parent-approved content and enhances their learning on one device.

URSOR was created at a time when childhoods are more digital than ever and nearly half of children aged eight and under have their own connected tablet, spending an average of 2.25 hours a day on screens. Children are at a higher risk of encountering dangerous websites, dangerous ads and more, and according to Pew Research in 2020, at least 46% of parents said their children had encountered inappropriate content online, this alarming percentage leaves parents worried about what their child might do. accidentally encounter while browsing the Internet. It’s also estimated that 82% of children between the ages of 8 and 12 have profiles on social media and messaging apps, according to research by CyberSafeKids.

URSOR, allows children to access quality content on the Internet in complete safety. It’s a London-based, employee-owned company that was started to solve this problem. Co-founder and CEO of URSOR – Filippo Yacob, an Ed-tech veteran and creator of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, alongside co-founder and CTO – Dr. Joe Brown, PhD in learning Automatic from the University of Oxford, and product designer Alexis Bardini have teamed up to create an all-in-one app solution that provides a safer and more creative Internet experience for families.

The idea for URSOR was born one afternoon when co-founder and CEO Filippo Yacob was watching YouTube videos with his two children on their tablets. It appeared to Filippo that he had little or no control over what content his children could access and that it was very difficult to select the type of content he wanted his children to consume. As an experienced IT entrepreneur and product creator, Filippo took matters into his own hands to ensure that his children, and all children in the world with access to digital devices, would not encounter content detrimental by creating and launching URSOR with the help of Dr. Joe. Brown and Alexis Bardini.

Filippo Yacob is also the former creator of Cubetto, the screenless coding robot used by more than 20 million children in 180 countries to teach computational thinking in early learning, an invention that is in the permanent collection of the V&A in London (Victoria & Albert Museum), and children’s fintech Pigzbe, an award-winning pocket money app and connected piggy bank for a generation of children growing up with digital money, which was acquired by ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) in the first quarter of 2021, and has now re-launched in the United Arab Emirates as part of the Al Hilal Bank app.

Filippo Yacob comments:

“The internet is great, but it wasn’t made for kids… Digital childhoods are something busy parents simply have to deal with today. I just wanted a tool that would make the internet a better place for my own kids and my friends’ kids, but I quickly realized that tool didn’t exist and safe internet access is a problem shared by all parents. with an internet connection. Our mission at URSOR is to make the Internet a tool for parents, as opposed to something parents need to worry about. »

URSOR takes a human-first approach to curating the links children can access and navigate, creating what they call an “Internet First for Kids.” Accessible videos, websites, and experiences are all handpicked by a team of caring parents, not a recommendation system. The kid-focused app also gives parents access to tools like screen time management, a simple dashboard that gives them visibility into what their kids are searching and clicking on, and the ability to Block other apps while using URSOR to prevent kids from using erratic app. jumping. Unlike other browsers and search engines that generate revenue by serving advertisements and selling user-generated data, URSOR does not generate revenue from advertisers or sponsors and does not collect any data from its customers.

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