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MENDOCINO Co., 04/01/20 – The past few weeks have brought a changing series of coronavirus-related “shelter-in-place” orders, social distancing requirements and a wide range of business closures to the county of Mendocino, with no end date currently in view of the new restrictions, and many business owners and their employees are unsure how to prepare or stay afloat.

“People are reaching out more and more every day,” says Mary Anne Petrillo, executive director of the West Business Development Center, which has revamped its services, workshops and resources to support local businesses seeking help during the pandemic. . As part of this effort, along with free webinars and an information page, West Center has created a free online directory where business owners can list the services they have available.

West Center has established these two main ways to help local businesses beyond their usual capacity of free one-on-one small business advisors: this local business resource information page and the free “Open For Business”, also available on BUYMENDO.com.


There are currently a variety of state and federal resources available to business owners who have had to close or downsize their employees, such as loans and other financial assistance, and the new online directory is one way West Center d help businesses promote what services they currently offer. The free listing is open to all Mendocino County businesses, and new listings will be posted within 24 hours.

“A place where they can tell others how they market their services and products,” says Petrillo.


West Center also offers remote business advisory services, including resource-specific webinars around the coronavirus pandemic, and has created a regularly updated information page with the latest resources available to help local businesses, which are changing rapidly. This page includes information on how to apply for the Small Business Administration loans that open this week, as well as a variety of webinars and other resources for business owners.

“We know businesses are scared, worried, frustrated, and angry at different times of the day,” Petrillo says, and she encourages any business owners in the county who need help to ask questions.

West Company is the county’s Small Business Administration (SBA) contractor and generally offers many free services to business owners. Over the past few weeks, staff have also been coordinating with state and federal agencies to ensure they are up to date on how to help local business owners during the pandemic, which remains uncertain. . “Well, get through it, but it’s going to be a bit longer than we all hoped,” adds Petrillo.

You can contact West Center on their website; here is the “open for business” page and information on COVID-19 resources.

Here is a press release from West Center:


Open for business: Western Business Development Center launches “What’s Open” online resource

West Center invites Mendocino County businesses to participate in their Open for Business listings

UKIAH, California. – March 27, 2020 – Taking inspiration from the Yellow Pages, the West Business Development Center has launched an ‘Open for Business’ online registration resource. Retailers and services are encouraged to submit their business information, along with their logo, to what will become the go-to resource for what’s open in the county during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sales representatives can visit https://www.westcenter.org/open-for-business and click on the Submit Your Business Information link. They can then complete the requested information, indicating the type of business – automotive, grocery, hardware, restaurant, retail, location in the county and any special Covid-19 accommodations, such as store hours for seniors, curbside pickups, hours of operation, and more. Companies can also submit their logo to [email protected].

West Business Development Center Executive Director Mary Anne Petrillo said: ‘We recognized the need for a one-stop resource for county residents to find reliable information about businesses providing services during this time. difficult. We hope this will become a permanent market once the crisis has safely passed. »

In addition to business listings, West Center takes a proactive stance by presenting timely and relevant information helpful to small businesses in the county, including webinars and guidelines from federal and state agencies. Coronavirus business resources are listed at https://www.westcenter.org/covid-19-business-resources and a developing series of online workshops and webinars are available at https://www.westcenter. org/live-workshops.

West Center encourages all small businesses in the county to visit their website at www.westcenter.org for the latest business news and information on upcoming webinars.

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