What is anonymous browsing on Reddit and how does it work?

Reddit is a gold mine of information. With over 430 million monthly active users, it is one of the most popular websites in the world. There’s a subreddit for almost everything, and with its up-voting and down-voting system, the community is self-regulating.

But that’s not all there is to this social media platform. Reddit also has a feature that lets you browse the site anonymously.

In this article, we’ll explain what Reddit’s Anonymous Browsing Mode is and how it works. We will also cover its pros and cons.

What is Reddit’s Anonymous Browsing Mode?

Reddit’s anonymous browsing feature allows you to browse the Reddit app without using your account. It’s like having a new temporary account that doesn’t save your preferences or posting history. Anything you do while browsing is not linked to your account and therefore will not be used to personalize your experience on the platform.

There are limits to what you can do when browsing anonymously. For example, you cannot vote for or against content, nor can you comment on posts. However, you can still view content and read comments.

How does Reddit anonymous browsing work?

When you turn on anonymous browsing, Reddit assigns you a new set of IDs so it doesn’t associate your activity with your account. This means that your search and browsing history is not saved. Instead, it is deleted as soon as you leave anonymous browsing mode.

Enabling anonymous browsing is a fairly simple process that we covered in our How to Anonymously Browse Reddit article.

Things You Can and Can’t Do in Reddit’s Anonymous Browsing Mode

As we mentioned earlier, there are some limits to what you can do while browsing anonymously. Here is a brief overview of what you can and cannot do in anonymous browsing mode:

Box Can not
Show content Vote for or against content
Read comments Comment on posts
Visit the subreddits Take screenshots

You can think of anonymous browsing as a read-only version of Reddit. This is perfect when you want to browse content without saving your activity to your account.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Anonymous Reddit Browsing

Anonymous browsing has its pros and cons. On the plus side, it lets you browse Reddit without logging your activity. This can be useful if you want to watch something without it affecting your recommendations or if you are concerned about your privacy.

Another advantage is that it can be used to circumvent bans. If you’ve been banned from a subreddit, you can still see the content browsing anonymously.

In contrast, anonymous browsing is limited in what you can do. You cannot vote for or against content, nor can you comment on posts. This can make it difficult to fully participate in the Reddit community.

A second downside is that the feature is only available on the Reddit app. If you want to browse Reddit anonymously on your computer, you’ll have to settle for using your browser’s incognito mode. (Incognito mode isn’t really anonymous, as we all know.)

Also, while Reddit doesn’t log your activity while browsing anonymously, it’s important to remember that the feature doesn’t affect how your activity is tracked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), device or the websites you visit while browsing. So while anonymous browsing might give you some privacy when using Reddit, it’s not a perfect solution.

Should You Use Reddit’s Anonymous Browsing?

Whether or not you should use Reddit’s anonymous browsing feature is up to you. It has its pros and cons, and it’s important to weigh them before deciding. If you’re concerned about your privacy, anonymous browsing might be a good option.

However, if you’re looking to get the most out of the Reddit community, you might want to stick with your regular account. Or, at least, use it more than anonymous browsing. This way you can upvote, upvote, and comment on posts.

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