WhatsApp launches new business directory feature

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Facebook and its sister social media platforms have given their users vast opportunities to grow their business in the online space. Now, WhatsApp is also striving to excel in the field to help its users get the best experience as it is about to release a new feature to search nearby businesses.

Earlier, WhatsApp rolled out a new chat shortcut to the “quick replies” feature. The messaging app is working on similar new features to offer customers.

Six months ago, WhatsApp introduced a new Business Directory feature – a new way to quickly find new business accounts on WhatsApp without leaving the app. Users will get this feature shortly as it has been released for some users in Sao Paulo.

To facilitate its vast customer base, WhatsApp is developing another feature – a search filter interface through which a user can easily search for nearby businesses.

WhatsApp launches new business directory feature

If you search for anything on WhatsApp, the social app displays different categories including Photos, Videos, Links, GIF, Audio, and Documents. Look above, for example.

Another category “Nearby Business” will now also appear along with the categories mentioned above. If you select this category, all business accounts near your location will appear on your screen.

The feature will be released for Android and iOS users. The platform has not announced any release date.

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