Wheat Variety Breeding Resources – GREAT BEND TRIBUNE

Farmers are preparing to plant their next wheat crop this fall. And some of you may be thinking of choosing a new variety to plant. If so, KSRE has several resources to help you.

You can access our Cottonwood Extension District website at www.cottonwood.ksu.edu, i.e. cottonwood.ksu.edu, click on the Crops and Livestock tab, then look under Subjects of current results from the Barton and Ellis County wheat demonstration plots as a starting point. square. The Barton County results are not yet released, as I don’t have the results from the K-State Extension Agronomy/Wheat team who put the test on and harvested it. However, I would not base my decisions on the results of unreplicated Count agent demo plots. They are used more as a platform to hold a field day each year and discuss strain strengths and weaknesses.

Instead, I would strongly encourage growers to make their variety breeding decisions based more on the wheat performance tests replicated by K-State Agricultural Research Centers, and all companies have replicated the tests as well. .

These Agricultural Research Center results can also be found on our website, under the Hot Topics section. Another resource under Hot Topics is the Kansas Wheat Variety Guide 2022. It has been renamed, it was previously called Wheat Variety Disease & Insect Ratings. Finally, Colorado State University has a Wheat Variety Database that provides full access to variety trial results in Colorado and several other Great Plains states, including Kansas. The database also includes test data from private companies. You can view single location trial data, multiple location trial data, and perform direct variety comparisons. The link to the Colorado Wheat Variety Decision tool can also be found in the Hot Topics section of our website.

So, farmers will find all of these decision support tools helpful in helping you choose a possible new wheat variety to plant this fall. Go to www.cottonwood.ksu.edu or simply type in your Internet browser, Cottonwood Extension, then click on the Crops and Livestock tab and look under Hot Topics.

Stacy Campbell is the Agriculture and Natural Resources Officer for the Cottonwood Extension District. Email him at [email protected] or call Hays’ office at 785-628-9430.

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