Why cyber risk is a core part of ESG

Why cyber risk is a core part of ESG

As COP27 takes place, KYND, a cyber risk technology developer, has released a report exploring the unsung hero of ESG – cyber risk.

ESG Reporting Strategy, Frameworks & Digital Transformation (Part 5 of 5)

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In Part 5 of our Comprehensive ESG Masterclass on-demand webinar series you will learn how you can
– Select the appropriate ESG framework that satisfies the disclosure demands of your organization’s stakeholders
– Decode SEBI’s BRSR framework and adopt best-practices to get ESG reporting right
– Take essential steps to build a strong ESG program and achieve ESG success

In this video, we’ll look at how you can digitally transform your ESG program to operationalize enterprise-wide sustainability and ESG data – seamlessly capturing, monitoring, and reporting data from across the E, S, and G pillars including carbon emissions, workforce composition, boardroom diversity, and more on a single platform.

You’ll also learn how you can adopt powerful analytics and reporting tools and leverage your ongoing operational ESG metrics to not only easily create persuasive ESG reports under globally accepted frameworks but also measure and analyze ESG data to improve ESG performance.

Collecting the E, S, and G metrics in ESG requires robust cross-collaboration and pulling in data from across your organization’s HR, EHS, Finance, CSR, Supply Chain & Operations, and many more verticals. Additionally, collected data needs to be reported under appropriate frameworks including BRSR, CDP, GRI, SASB, TCFD, and more! Make sure to check out the additional resources below!

0:00 Introduction to the team
4:43 Agenda
5:57 Part 4 recap
8:52 ESG reporting landscape in APAC
11:41 ESG strategies: essential steps to build your ESG program
22:26 ESG reporting: choosing the Best ESG framework
28:46 Overview of ESG reportings & rankings
40:19 Digitally transform your ESG program
56:08 Key takeaways
57:50 Q &A

Digital tools mentioned in the video
– Identify the ESG issues that are material to your organization with ESG Director: https://benchmarkdigital.com/app/esg-director/

�� Additional Resources
◾️ Explore our leading-edge technology https://www.benchmarkdigitalesg.com/benchmark-tech-frontier-technology/

Understanding the Power and Limitations of OpenAI’s Chat GPT and GPT-4 and Generative AI programs

In this video, we’ll take a deep dive into the capabilities and limitations of OpenAI’s conversational AI model, Chat GPT, and its successor, GPT-4. We’ll discuss how these generative AI systems work, what they’re capable of, and their potential to revolutionize the way we interact with machines. Additionally, we’ll address some of the ethical concerns surrounding these powerful AI models, such as deepfake videos, explicit content, and propaganda, and explore the need for responsible and cautious use of these technologies. Join us for an insightful exploration of the future of natural language processing!

Cyber Security Job Shortage. Cybersecurity Careers 2023. Cybersecurity for the People

Cyber Security Job Shortage. Cybersecurity Careers 2023. Cybersecurity for the People

The global cybersecurity workforce grew to encompass 4.7 million people, reaching its highest-ever levels, according to (ISC)2 2022 workforce study. That’s the encouraging news.

However, the same study found that there is still a need for more than 3.4 million security professionals, an increase of over 26% from 2021’s numbers. This reverses a trend seen in (ISC)2’s 2021 study, where the number of open cybersecurity jobs actually dropped over a two-year period.

Will the 2022 trend continue in 2023 or was this year just a blip in what had otherwise been promising employment news from the start of this decade?

“I believe the cybersecurity talent gap will remain an ongoing challenge in 2023,” said Caroline Vignollet, SVP of research and development at OneSpan.

The core problem, adding to the security gap, remains unchanged. The demand for cybersecurity is greater than ever, due to an evolving threat landscape with attacks that are more difficult to detect and defend. But the available potential workforce isn’t keeping pace with that demand, largely because of a lack of interest from young people entering the job market.


The Problem with ESG

In this video, I will explain the problems with ESG and why it is one of the greatest threats to the financial world in a long time.
ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. Companies rated as ESG investments are supposed to be doing things that are good for the environment and social causes. The problem is that ESG is not a certification, there is no set standards, and a lot of discretion on who gets the label and who does not. A lot of times, the decisions on who gets the ESG label are being decided based on political views.

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