Why should you list your business in an online local business directory

As a local business, attracting new customers can be difficult. The days of people turning to print directories like the Yellow Pages to find local businesses are fast disappearing.

Today, people turn to the internet to find reliable trading recommendations. The easiest way for local businesses to be found quickly and easily is to include them in a locally targeted online business directory.

Adding your business to the Bangor Business Directory is free, quick and easy, and a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to be found by people searching online.

1. Great visibility for your business

More and more people are accessing the Internet in search of local information and services. You can easily contact potential new customers in their own home via their computers and more so when they are on the go via their mobile devices, it makes perfect sense to get your business on the list to connect with customers who can help you. find online.

For those who search Google, The Bangor Business Directory is already #1 out of the 1st Google’s page for the search term “Bangor Business Directory”, meaning there’s a much better chance of your business being found quickly and easily.

2. Improve your business

LinkedIn found that 70% of people prefer to search online when looking for a particular local service. Listing your business in the Bangor Business Directory instantly puts you ahead of your unlisted competitors.

For example, if you are a TV mechanic and you have listed yourself in the directory but your competitors are not yet listed, you will receive more calls or service requests than your competitors, it makes perfect sense. !

3. Improved online presence

TheBangorAye.com has tens of thousands of visitors each month from Bangor and surrounding areas and Bangor University students.

Listing in your local business directory will allow you to connect your business to thousands of potential customers, more and more people will discover your business details. This will help your business connect with more people and local visitors, thereby boosting your online presence. These days, a strong online presence for your business is essential.

Each directory listing is optimized to be “Google Friendly”, meaning it will appear higher in Google search results, the higher your listing appears the better.

4. Facilitate contact

Each business listed in the directory contains a description of your business and a photo of your business or logo. The list also contains your phone number, address, email address, and a link to your website or Facebook page. Reaching new customers is just a click away!

5. Free local advertising

Registration in the Bangor Business Directory is not only a great way to advertise and connect with locals, it’s completely free! Registering your business only takes about 5 minutes of your time.

The Bangor Business Directory is quickly becoming the go-to place to find local businesses, what are you waiting for? Register today !

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